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Thunderbird 2. The Dashlane extension for Chrome on iOS is working once again. Under the condition where removing Minecraft 1. Normally, This problem is seen more frequently in latest windows. Both upgraded from Win 7 Pro. Microsoft is working to fix some device freezing and crashing issues with Google’s Chrome browser with the new Windows 10 April 2018 Update. In windows 8 or 7, It was a common problem for some users. Chrome and Opera still aren't working. Also, in my case, the Chrome did not crashed or stopped working completely, rather, it only freezes for a moment randomly. It's synced my account with my laptop and everything. Bug Is today's update (KB3194496) breaking Chrome for anyone else? We just bought EES at work and it's blocking some websites that upper management "needs". The company has doled out a few suggestions to help users restore their PC to its normal state if it freezes or hangs up. When Microsoft rolls out its big update for Windows 10 in October, there will be a new and annoying popup for users who try and install Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox on their machines. - posted in Windows 10 Support: I have 2 windows 10 Laptops. Jun 23, 2019 theme, and a new-and-improved Microsoft Edge, based on Chromium. 207), released June 27, 2019. 0. or Chrome, after installing the Windows 10 April 2018 Update. Hello & Thanks, windows 10 , Chrome Version 65. A crash is what happens when Firefox closes or quits unexpectedly. Why is Google Chrome so slow on Windows 10? I have already answered the question here - answer to Is Microsoft intentionally slowing down Chrome so people start to use Edge? Fix: KOTOR Crashing on Windows 10 If the issue is with your Computer or a Laptop you should try using Reimage Plus which can scan the repositories and replace corrupt and missing files. Jun 27, 2018 Microsoft releases fix for Google Chrome borkage in Windows 10, again. com) states that the latest version of Windows is freezing or hanging while running certain applications, including Hey Cortana and Google Chrome. In my case, I have encountered this problem after using the new Gmail client. Solve the Google Chrome Freezing Problem Method 1: Fix the Google Chrome Freezing Problem to Change Chrome Settings Don’t Forgot to read : Google Chrome keeps crashing and not responding 1. There is a reason Chrome prefers running with a sandbox by default, as without it your security and data integrity will be compromised to some extent. msc in the Run dialog box and click OK. After the update, Chrome would not work. 00. The space ship boosters keep returning to the beginning. Several users who have updated their computers to Windows 10 April 2018 Update are reporting that Chrome is freezing their machines. Other problems with crashing: If Firefox starts without crashing but then crashes later on, see the Firefox crashes - Troubleshoot, prevent and get help fixing crashes article for solutions. Upgrade work smoothly . Can’t open your Google Chrome on Windows 10? The Chrome browser is not working after Windows 10 Creators Update? This post will show you top 5 ways to fix the Google Chrome not working problem on Windows 10. Some users claim that Chrome is crashing after installing the Windows 10 April 2018 Update, while Microsoft looks to the future Redstone 5 update. DoS bug crashing Firefox, and later freezing Windows itself. Sep 6, 2018 By Chuong Nguyen — Posted on September 6, 2018 6:23AM PST 09. Chrome on windows 1 go to google chrome settings troubleshooting index and search png google chrome causing a blue screen lenovo ideapad yoga 2 13 reviewWindows 1803 Causes Regular Crashing Lenovo MunityEasy To Fix Google Chrome Crashing Issues DriverSolved Lenovo Yoga 900 Zes And Black Screen MunityThinkpad X1 Extreme And Usb C Hybrid Dock Crashes […] September 2018 edited September 2018 I'm getting the same thing on Windows 10 with Chrome 68. Here is a bug tracker at the Chromium Project website (Chrome is based on Chromium), which mentions the very issue. Google Chrome repeatedly crashes when the Registry entries of this file are missing or corrupted. Feb 28 , 2018 [Troubleshoot] Chrome Download Freezes and Stops at 100. Chrome keeps crashing on startup. Description of the Issue I've been Operating System Windows 10 Pro with latest Microsoft updates (1803). Since day one Windows 10 users are facing problems with system driver. If Fallout 4 doesn’t start on Windows 10, you should be able to update your display drivers. It turns out that Google Chrome doesn't work in Windows 10 build 10525 and several users confirmed that the browser crashes after the latest build is installed. Post links, ask questions, find solutions, and discuss Chrome-related subjects. ". Un-register and re-register the file using an elevated Command Prompt . 0, first released on 19 July 2018 and stable version on 4  This community is dedicated to Windows 10 which is a personal computer Help Chrome dreadfully slow after security update - but MS Edge fast as ever (self. The first beta release for Windows didn't come until the next day (September 2, 2008), and the  Videos · 5G · Windows 10 · Cloud · AI · Innovation · Security By Catalin Cimpanu for Zero Day | September 23, 2018 -- 22:30 GMT (15:30 PDT) | Topic: Security. A more simple, secure, and faster web browser than ever, with Google’s smarts built-in. Several users on a social media platform are reporting issues with Google Chrome and claims that Windows 10: Chrome immediately crashes on opening. A recent Google Chrome update (v45. Windows 10 April 2018 Update is now available and many users have already upgraded their computers. May 3, 2018 Microsoft is working to fix some device freezing and crashing issues with Google's Chrome browser with the new Windows 10 April 2018  Oct 25, 2018 If your Chrome browser is constantly crashing, here are a few quick solutions to help you fix this problem in just 5 minutes. Even though in the taskbar, it says that the system is connected to the WiFi. . Discussions cover Windows 10 installation, driver problems, crashes, upgrading If you have recently installed Windows 10 on your PC, you might want to know how to download and install the latest version of Chrome on your Windows 10 PC. The users often face troubles with this browser, especially after the update of Windows 10. Addresses an issue in which SmartHeap didn't work with UCRT. Going through the list again to see if I can find a fix that was already posted. Chrome keeps crashing after installing Windows 10 April 6 days ago Google chrome is one of the most popular browsers used all over the But sometimes you may find yourself chrome browser crashes, freezes . But never fear, we’ve come across a way to fix this issue in just a few short steps… Sigh. How to run it anyway. Solution 5: Delete Minecraft files. Google has not released an update to fix the issue, but fret not. I then have to go to the X at the right of the screen and close. 11. Boosters are getting stuck. Another thing I noticed that this is happening only on Windows 10. Chromium 16. Update your display drivers. Press Windows Key + R then put devmgmt. ” Uninstall Updates. I found a problem in edge its crashing in each time and every 30 mnute of interval it crash. September 16, 2018 at 12:43 pm. As explained here, Microsoft Excel crashes all of a sudden in Windows 10 April 2018 Update whenever users try to enter a new formula or a date in a cell. Chrome 72 (January 2019) -- Chrome will always block third-party code injections. 8, 1. It even crashed my computer. This works in most cases, where the issue is originated due to a system corruption. Windows 10 I had the issue with Google Chrome freezing after the Windows 10 Creators update & tried all of the fixes like re-installing Chrome & disabling hardware acceleration but, none of that worked for me. Some things to consider before posting or commenting: Candy Crush keeps crashing when I am playing a level on the Windows 10 app. To do that, follow these steps below: Step 1. For last 2-3 months I am using it as default browser, as of now it has got a lot of useful extensions which add many new features while browsing. However, excluding these websites from checking either causes Windows 10 to freeze if I those URL's are accessed using Chrome (IE seems to work fine) or causes ESET to restart (ESET splash screen appears) This is similar to the problem described in this post. I would have to use a candy bomb in order to play. Therefore, to resolve the problem you need to update the graphic card driver. 2. net on July 2019 This computer will no longer receive Chrome updates because Windows XP and Windows Vista are no longer supported; Google Chrome may not be able to keep itself updated. After Firefox starts Last Update: 2018-12-10. Due to its smart user interface and many features, this browser stands tall in the crowd. Since IE is replaced with edge. Not all Chrome users on Windows see the warnings at this time. 18 Reports of lag, crashing, and the browser's inability to render  However, excluding these websites from checking either causes Windows 10 to freeze if I those URLs are accessed using Chrome (IE seems to  Tuesday, September 4, 2018 We're excited to release our 10th anniversary edition: Cleaner, more modern Labels: Chrome for Android , Stable updates  Ask questions and get answers about Windows 10 from fellow CNET forums users and Discussions cover Windows 10 installation, driver problems, crashes ,  Chromium is Google's open-source web browser project. Suddenly, my browsers stopped working, other features stopped connecting to the internet. 3325. So, there’s a possibility that the current graphic card driver isn’t compatible with Windows 10 and is giving you problems while you play games. Aug 20, 2018 Chrome 69 (September 2018) -- Chrome will block third-party code Newsflow is a free, customizable RSS reader app for Windows 10. Windows 10 April 2018 Update problems? Microsoft working on fix for Chrome issues. It seems to be a problem effecting a lot of other people. CNET's Forum on Windows 10 is the best source for finding help or troubleshooting advice from a community of experts. Microsoft releases fix for Google 27 June 2018. Feb 23 , 2018 [Resolved] Why Google Chrome Not Playing Videos? Feb 23 , 2018 Chrome freezes Windows after April update from r/Windows10. Get more done with the new Google Chrome. If your Razer Synapse won’t open on Windows 10, you should uninstall all your Razer devices and then re-install them on your system. 0 was released on 10 September 2011, with 16. 8106. I installed the HP and Microsoft updates and then tried to install Chrome and it still will not work. For now, users can use a simple Fix: Google Chrome crashes on Windows 10 If the issue is with your Computer or a Laptop you should try using Reimage Plus which can scan the repositories and replace corrupt and missing files. 1/ 8/ 7/ Vista/ XP  With close to 60% desktop browser market share, Google Chrome is the Here is how to download and install the Chrome browser on Windows 10. I have a Dell XPS 13 on Windows 10. Google Chrome crashes as a result of problematic modules. net on July 2019 Start Firefox in Safe Mode to check if one of the extensions (Firefox/Tools > Add-ons > Extensions) or if hardware acceleration is causing the problem. The game simply disappears while I am playing it. Uninstall-Chrome-Windows-10  Microsoft released the Windows 10 Insider Preview initiating a new era of Windows 10 updates by bringing By Kevin Arrows April 16, 2018 Google Chrome crashes after launch and all the tabs become December 11, 2018 at 4: 25 am. None of the obvious solutions work (re-installing Chrome, using the --no-sandbox add in, etc). [ FIXED] Windows 10 October 2018 (1809) Update Problems Well, it's now been updated again in December, this time getting rid of the The update caused untold issues for Windows users – from BSOD crashes to sound issues,  Sep 11, 2018 Windows 10 likes to install patches and reboot your computer on its own schedule, and a complete Chrome shutdown and restart may be necessary before the fix is in). 1. 8109. 3 Oct, 2018. Extensions Not Working in Chrome on Mac/Windows - Resolved. Unfortunately, the update also appears to have included a bug that, for a lot jailbreak users, causes Chrome to crash almost instantly after launch. In the Search Box on Taskbar; type “Memory” and open “Windows Memory Diagnostic” from Search Results. 0 is what I've found, but can't find it to download. Google chrome is one of the most popular browsers used all over the world, and it’s well known for its low footprint and good performance. Fortunately, there are some workarounds which you can try, courtesy Microsoft-News. Chromium 69. Is Google Chrome crashing, freezing, or has stopped working on your Windows 10 computer? Here are a few troubleshooting steps that you can try to resolve this issue. Patch designed to fix crashing in Windows 10 causes crashes in Windows 10. 9 or uninstalling Java failed to fix the crashing Minecraft for Windows 10, it is a necessity to delete the files of the game. Any recommendations on how to fix this? I've tried uninstalling and trying out 64 bit but this fixes nothing. I did a clean install of Windows 10 and now it's running fine. Chrome version 75 was released on June 5th, 2019. Click the option named “Restart now and check for memory problems. It’s been 10 years since Google Chrome was launched and the browser has basically taken over the world by becoming the most used browser in the world. It's possible that some files are missing on your computer. If Windows 10 Minecraft 1. Other errors that mention that "Update failed" Try the possible fixes below. Fresh from the borkage to Chrome Google chrome not working on windows 10, see also any related to Google chrome not working on windows 10, from chromereview. Here, I’m explaining one by one. The good news is Microsoft's See this working fix if Chrome browser won’t open, launch or load web pages & you see a message - Google Chrome has stopped working on your Windows 10/8/7. 2 keeps crashing persists, you may have to uninstall this game and reinstall Minecraft as well. Google Chrome sometimes freezes on Windows 10 by Martin Brinkmann on September 15, 2015 in Google Chrome - Last Update: July 05, 2017 - 18 comments So I have been experiencing a strange issue when using the Google Chrome web browser on Windows 10. To fix, follow Candy Crush keeps crashing when I am playing a level on the Windows 10 app. Fix Google Chrome Crash Problem After Update – Resolved I have almost migrated to Google Chrome browser. So Chrome’s freezing problem may have to do something with Windows 10 update. Word Posted by AshishMohta@TWC on September 13, 2018, in Category General with Tags Chrome Ashish is a veteran Windows, and Xbox user who excels in writing tips, tricks, and features on it to improve Servicing stack update for Windows 10, version 1803: September 11, 2018 Applies to: Windows 10, version 1803 Summary This update makes stability improvements for the Windows 10, version 1803 servicing stack. Firm promises update will stop the browser from freezing and crashing. Google Chrome better by automatically sending usage statistics and crash reports to Google option before clicking the Accept and Install button. May 9, 2018 Microsoft fixes Chrome crash bug caused by the Windows April Update. Before it closes it says along the top of the screen 'Google Chrome is not responding'. The new version shows website notifications in Windows 10 Action Center which  . Let’s get started! Antivirus software can interfere with Google Chrome and Chrome in return, freeze or completely shut down. Feb 26 , 2018. What’s the latest version of Google Chrome? As of June 2019, Google Chrome version 75 is currently the latest stable version. Microsoft says a fix is on the way for early adopters of the Windows 10 April 2018 Update with Chrome problems. 0, was looking for the lasest update on APM 7. Sometimes, Your PC needs a restart to complete some process or to refresh its processes. Get support for   Sep 1, 2018 2018/09/01 10:04am PDT Sep 1, 2018 Today marks the 10th anniversary of Google Chrome's initial announcement. After updating to Windows 10 build 10525, released yesterday to the Windows Insider program, some testers soon found that Google Chrome's response to this was "Aw, Snap!" Freezing tabs is one such irritating problem that is being witnessed since the last update of Windows 10. Addresses performance regression in App-V, which slows many actions in Windows 10. Facebook. 85 m) seems to have reactivated the browser crashing and freezing issue on Windows 10 systems as several users have been complaining about the issue on Windows 10 cumulative update KB4284848 for April 2018 Update introduces a long list of fixes, but buried in the changelog is a mention of an important patch for Google Chrome. Tweet. Jun 2, 2019 Published by Harvey on June 2, 2019 This prevents the entire browser from crashing if one extension or tab Chrome Task Manager, just like a Windows Task Manager, provides a . Yesterday I could not uncheck the candy bomb. It appears that Microsoft was aware of the crashing issues with Google Chrome on Windows 10 April 2018 Update and deploying the patch should fix this unexpected behaviour that occurred for no If your computer is hanging or freezing after installing the Windows 10 April 2018 Update you’re not alone, and Microsoft is aware of the problem. Restart Your Computer: This is the first thing you can do. Can September 10, 2018 at 4:27 pm You're forgetting one important thing: When Chrome freezes (like it does on my PC EVERY NIGHT), going to Menu > Exit, or Ctrl + Shift + Q ain't gonna help because the system is frozen for the next 10-15 minutes, and doing so causes that blue circle to keep spinning. Now updated for KB4501375 (OS Build 18362. 877. How to fix Google Chrome not working on Windows 10 Build 10525: Method 1: Chrome’s fresh new look is also bringing in a fresh batch of problems. Microsoft today released another update for Windows 10, but warned users with an Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) graphics chipset to expect "frequent crashes" of the new Edge browser. A crash course in carding. Fix Google Chrome Slow Page Loading Issue Updated on Oct 7, 2018 Posted by Editorial Staff Browsers , Tech Tips 16 Comments Google Chrome is undoubtedly the popular browser with more than 60% of the internet users using it for day to day browsing. But, In windows 10, This problem has been very annoying for many users. Switch to the DEFAULT theme: Firefox/Tools > Add-ons > Appearance "I installed Windows 10 a few weeks ago and Google Chrome seemed to work fine. The first one I did from a CD, (Had to buy a copy of The above method fixes Google Chrome crashing in Windows 10 for now, though we have to admit that this isn’t a very efficient solution. 4 has now identified one in every major browser engine --Chrome, Safari (WebKit), and Firefox. chrome keeps crashing windows 10, see also any related to chrome keeps crashing windows 10, from chromereview. Since the Windows 10 April update, some users have been dealing with frozen systems when they're running apps including Chrome or using the "Hey, Cortana" command. This is a widespread Windows 10 problem and tragic that it hasn't been fixed by now, especially since Microsoft has finally sounded the deathknell for the forgettable "Bing". From a report: I have now used the April 2018 Update for nearly 24 hours and the same problem has presented itself no less than five times. Use one box for everything--type in the address bar and get In Windows 10, Microsoft edge is not just a default browser but it is also the default PDF viewer. Microsoft has acknowledged the issue, confirming that devices running the Windows 10 April 2018 Update (version 1803) may freeze or hang while using certain apps. The software maker was forced to delay rolling out PS: Chrome crashing can be caused by too many add-ons so first try your new Chrome install with just the default add-ons to see if it runs okay. 5 · 2 comments . Proven Ways to Fix Audio Not Working on Google Chrome. But sometimes you may find yourself chrome browser crashes, freezes randomly or web pages not opening. It is quite common with the Windows 10 users to complain about the browser not opening the PDF files. . Microsoft confirmed Windows 10 October 2018 Update ( Version 1809 )… Sep 10, 2018 We'll walk you through troubleshooting Chrome crashes and freezes to fix your browser. Home Software Fix the warning of Event 1534 on Windows 10 build 1809. Google Chrome retains its crown as the best Windows 10 browser, due to its overall usability, performance, support for web technologies and standards, and minimalist interface that gives you Unlike countless browsers present on the web, users prefer Google Chrome as their first choice. I only have two extensions added to Chrome (AdBlock & Tab Activate) and it never crashes. How to Fix Fallout 4 Not Launching / Black Screen / Crashing Problem on Windows 10 Method 1. An official Microsoft post (via Thurrot. 3440. It is a fully functional browser on its The initial code release included builds for Windows and macOS, and a . copy of Chrome. Step 2. Timeline was officially released with the Windows 10 April 2018 Update. The software maker was forced to delay rolling out Microsoft is working to fix some device freezing and crashing issues with Google’s Chrome browser with the new Windows 10 April 2018 Update. Read on to find out what they all look like, and advice for how to fix them. I finally decided I would wipe my hard drive and start over. Categories Windows 10 Tags cleanup storage space, free up space, low disk space, Windows 10 May 2019 Update Leave a comment How to Solve Icons Not Showing on Windows 10 Taskbar in 3 Easy Ways May 10, 2019 September 12, 2018 by Darren King Windows 10: A guide to the updates Here's what you need to know about each update to Windows 10 as they roll out from Microsoft. Here we are sharing the methods to fix chrome tabs freezing issue in windows 10. Over the last week when I am browsing with two or three tabs open if I want to close a tab Chrome freezes. Prior to the public release, we introduced it to Windows Insiders first, starting with Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 17063 in December, 2017. So, the Google says it is aware of issues when running the 64-bit Windows version of Chrome in the recently released Windows 10 build 10525 and is working to fix the bugs. If the injecting process prevents Chrome from starting, Chrome will restart and allow it. Contents iOS Android Windows macOS (DMG and Mac App Store) iOS June 14, 2019 A crash fix; Missing translations on the 'Activate Dashlane Autofill' screen; A fix to . Whenever I click on anything it just crashes and is totally unresponsive. To fix windows explorer crashes after right click issue, This article can be helpful for you. I tried to restore my computer prior to the update, uninstall and reinstall Chrome and many other fixes I found on various websites. Did you download new Windows updates before receiving Windows 10 BSOD memory management error? If so, uninstall those updates as shown Windows 10 Thread, Windows 10 Chrome Keeps Crashing in Technical; Pfft, typical it has crashed again whilst I was trying to get help on here Chrome 69 (September 2018) -- Chrome will block third-party code injections in the browser. 0 as the . MICROSOFT IS not having an easy time of it with this month's updates to Windows 10. The 2012 /r/Chrome Survey Results (by /r/SampleSize) are in! All about developments relating to the Google Chrome and Chromium web browsers, Chrome apps and extensions, ChromeOS, and Chromebooks. 19 release. The Windows 10 April 2018 Update problems are plentiful. Microsoft's latest round of patches for the OS resolves an issue that was stopping Chrome from working on Windows 10 update might FINALLY convince you to uninstall Google Chrome MICROSOFT has taken aim at Google Chrome with a slew of new web browser features added to its latest Windows 10 update. 84 and then it started to become very laggy and slow top open web pages. UPDATED on June 04, 2019: Release of Google Chrome 75 stable version. Windows 10/ 8. Send to. Probably you must have lost a lot of valuable browsing sessions due to the chrome tabs freezing issue. Find Out What’s Crashing Google Chrome Chrome browser started running real slow and eating up memory? If you’ve uninstalled and reinstalled Chrome, disabled and re-enabled extensions, and it’s still freezing up, try using Chrome’s native Task Manager: Google Chrome is a browser that combines a minimal design with sophisticated technology to make the Web faster, safer, and easier. In contrast, the second biggest browser in the world, the Mozilla Firefox, has just 11% If Firefox keeps crashing when you open it, this article will show you how to get it working again. From this version onward iOS 10 will not be supported, only iOS 11 and above. 3239. 6. I tried many online solutions , but none work This is not actually a new issue. 2454. The Store works fine and so do other Windows apps. Download Chrome again. If you too are having troubles with Chrome on Windows 10, here is how to try fixing this issue. Hi Guys, I updated my chrome to Version 63. Feedback comes pouring in How To Fix Razer Synapse Not Working On Windows 10. Addresses an issue where media content previously generated by Media Center doesn't play after installing the Windows 10 April 2018 update. To do so, manually head to Device Manager. I've tried: Restarting my computer, restarting my router and I've done all the winsock resets. Since it’s the chrome crash windows 10, see also any related to chrome crash windows 10, from chromereview. 1 to windows 10 . I've just installed windows 10 and now google chrome won't work at all. As of May 2018, the browser has captured 66% market share. If Google Chrome no longer works in Windows 7, you will need to troubleshoot for and user profile, as they can cause Google Chrome to crash unexpectedly. 181 (Official Build) (64-bit) Chrome how to Open link in new tab , on left-click . I did not update the Chrome but I do updated Windows after June 2017. This entry was posted on Tuesday, September 11th, 2018 at 4:35 pm and is filed under Time to Patch. Build 10122 Quick Fix How to fix Microsoft Edge crashing issue on Windows 10 build 14942 If Microsoft Edge keeps crashing every time you open it after installing Windows 10 build 14942, try this workaround. 106 & Acer Power Management 7. prevent one tab from crashing another and provide improved protection from rogue sites. @googlechrome added untested jailbreak-specific code on iOS; if you have "send crash reports" off, it Chrome and Internet crashing - posted in Windows 10 Support: Hi, Since the latest Windows 10 updates, Chrome keeps freezing up and then my internet will cut out (just on this device, all other When Dock and Start 10 are installed, Google Chrome will randomly crash with a warning from Google that these two programs may cause Chrome not to function and should be uninstalled. For its tenth anniversary, Google gave its browser a makeover with the release of Chrome 69, but users are already ASUS laptop windows 10 issue: stuck in safe mode and can't factory reset. About Author david. Feb 24 , 2018 [Proven] Ways to Fix Google Chrome Crashing/Not Opening. net on July 2019 This is not an isolated problem. After a crash, you should When the Firefox Safe Mode window appears, press the button Start in Safe Mode. Download now. I recently upgraded my machine from windows 8. Worry not, there is a way to identify malfunctioning modules. April 18, 2018 at 8: 30 am. The app then recovers and attempts to bring How to Fix Scrolling not Working in Google Chrome Browser: There are different ways to fix this scroll problem. UpdateIs there a specific reason the June 1903 update STILL hasn't reached  JoshEllingson September 28, 2018, 5:39am #1. Fix "Aw, Snap!" page crashes and other page loading errors If you're on Windows, use the Chrome Cleanup Tool to find and If other sites open normally but one 4 Ways To Fix Windows 10 Store App Crashing Issue [How To] by Sameed Khan · Published September 15, How To Enable Dark Mode/Theme In Windows 10. If you've been struggling to get Chrome to work on Windows 10 then help may be at hand. Some Windows 10 users are reporting Chrome crashing issue after updating to the latest build. If it does, resist the temptation to add any more than just a couple, and re-test Chrome after doing so. chrome crashing windows 10 september 2018

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